Thursday, December 12, 2013

My films are my questions towards the violent society: Kim Ki Duk

“I am surprised with the fan following I have in Kerala” said Kim Ki Duk, the biggest attraction of 18th IFFK. The ace South Korean Director said that people love his film since they are made from his heart. He was talking in the ‘in conversation’ program with Iyesha Geetha Abbas.
According to Kim Ki Duk, narcissism is an essential quality for a filmmaker. Script is the most important part of the film, he added. “I write down things in my journeys and in the end they become the raw material of my script. I do discuss my script with actors in pre production stage, so that no changes are made on it while shooting the film”, he explained.

“Violence and Peace are both the same”, opined Kim Ki Duk who garnered international notoriety for depicting violence in his films. He explained that ‘Moebius’, his latest film, is brutal as it shows the closer picture of humanity. According to him, his films are his questions towards the violent society. He said that many people don’t know the violence that is happening around them and hoped that his film become an eye opener for them.”Believe in yourself, in your thoughts and what you know” he said as a message to young directors. He said his father is the biggest inspiration for him. Kim said his perception of himself is well portrayed in ‘Arirang’ and that he’s the one who has gone through many traumas in life as well as in film making. He also sang the Korean song “Arirang” on the request of audience.

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