Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The 10th International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala-Awards declared.

The 10th International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala concluded today with the award presentation ceremony.  A total of 210 movies were screened at IDSFFK  from which 77 films have been included in the  competition section. The competition section includes various categories like Animation, Campus film, Long documentary, Short documentary and short fiction. Films of German filmmaker Wim Wenders were screened under "Honoring the master" section. Films of Palestinian film maker Masi Mai Masri  and Malayalam film maker Vipin Vijay were also screened under "Filmmaker in focus" section. A special screening of documentary based on the life of director K G George was  screened at the fest ,honoring one of the best directors of Malayalam cinema.. 
1. Best Animation Film
Fish Curry / MaacherJhol
(INR 25,000 &Certificate) shared equally between producer & Director
Dir: Abhishek Verma
Produced by Abhisekh Verma and others
This outstanding animation film deals with a serious issue in the most playful and inventive way. Its rhythm, its humour and attention to detail took us on a wonderful journey, which explores changing values.
2. Best Campus Film produced within Kerala
(INR 20,000 &Certificate) shared equally between the crew
Dir: Sangeet Unni
Produced by K R Narayanan Institute of Visual Science and Arts
The simplicity of this student’s film was commendable. By using a sparse narrative, it manages to convey the loneliness of a young girl as she tries to make sense of her situation while listening to her parents’ fight
3. Jury Prize Short Fiction
Grandfather / Aaba
(INR 25,000 &Certificate) shared equally between the Producer &Director 
Dir: Amar KaushikProduced by : Raj kumar Gupta & Mitul Dikshit
This beautifully shot film takes us to the depths of Arunachal Pradesh. The story of life and death unfolds tenderly and we get a truly human perspective through the eyes of a young girl.
4. Best Short Fiction
Days of Autumn / Xorotor Aabelibur
(INR 50,000 & Certificate) shared equally between the Producer &Director
 Dir: Mukul Haloi
Produced by FTII, Pune
The jury was deeply impressed by this subtle film in which the filmmaker takes us into the intimate space of its characters and through them, allows us to experience the cycles and rhythms of life as it passes by. We were particularly captivated by the way in which nature is interwoven into the main narrative.
Non Fiction:
Navroze Contractor Award for the best Documentary Cinematographer (INR 15,000 donated by Navroze Contractor
Ranjan Palit for the film “ In praise of that Angel Face”
Dir: Nirmal Chandar
For being alive and agile with cinematographic rigor, to a reality, and giving a body to an unforgettable voice.
The Jury has not given any Awards in the Short Documentary category
Long Documentary
Special Mention
The Books We Made
Dir: Uma Tanaku and Anupama Chandra
Produced by PSBT: Rajiv Mehrotra
For the Sensitive portrayal of the struggle to bring into the main frame, alternate histories of women in their own voice.
Special Mention
 Of Love & Artistry
Dir: Suruchi Sharma
Produced by Jane Himmeth Singh
For the disarmingly simple account of a community of singers, inspired to save their songs by finding newer ways of continuing to sing them.
Best Long Documentary Shared by two films: the cash prize of INR.1.00 lakh will be shared by the two films
Nostalgia For The Future
Dir: Avijith Mukul Kishore and Rohan Shivkumar (INR 50,000/ to be shared by the producer and the Directors)Producer: Film’s Division
For bringing forth the paradox of Indian Modernity, and making a concerted effort to engage with it.
Soz – A Ballad of Maladies  (INR 50,000/ to be shared by the producer and the Directors)
Dir: Tushar Madahav and Sarvnik Kaur
Produced by: PSBT. Rajiv Mehrotra
For a mindful looking at deeply troubled times and the fresh perspective that the film provides on the suspended predicament of being human.