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MeeraSahib Online: Adieu ,Derek Malcolm

MeeraSahib Online: Adieu ,Derek Malcolm:        Adieu Derek. A close friend of me and Indian new wave and art house films Derek Malcolm, has died at the age of 91. Derek has serve...

Adieu ,Derek Malcolm


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A close friend of me and Indian new wave and art house films Derek Malcolm, has died at the age of 91. Derek has served the Guardian as their film critic for more than 25 years,
Sarah Gristwood ,the historian and his wife confirmed his death on Saturday . He died after a few months of illness. Derek was a mighty critic and a close friend of Indian film makers. Malcolm joined the Guardian in the early 1970s and wrote a weekly film column until 1999 and later he joined the Evening Standard .He also served as honorary president of the International Federation of Film Critics (Fipresci).
He was a respected and dear to the film festivals such as Cannes and Berlin, and a much-loved presence in the screening rooms of Soho, where national film critics would gather each week to preview the upcoming releases.His 90th birthday party at the British Film Institute in London in 2022 was a well-attended and star-studded affair, testimony to the many friends Malcolm had made within the industry.Malcolm was born in 1932 and educated at Eton, which he hated. Derek had a rich life rich in drama too.Katharine Viner, the editor-in-chief of the Guardian, said: “Derek was a brilliant and incisive writer and the voice of Guardian film for many years. He was held in unusually warm regard within the industry, yet he was unafraid to call out mediocre films by acclaimed directors, and eager to champion new voices whenever their work met his standards.” He also served the London Film Festival as Artistic Director. As part of his departure from the Guardian, he wrote a series of articles – A Century of Film – in which he chose 100 movies, one from each key director he admired.Cocteau, Bergman, Buñuel, Ozu and Dreyer were included, but no films made after 1985 made the cut. (Courtesy: The Guardian).
He was a regular at IFFI and has been with the Film Bazaar from the beginning as a mentor. In IFFK from the first edition conducted by Kerala State Chalachithra Academy at Kochi. He also encouraged many young Indian film makers by writing on their films. He appreciated the well organized first edition of IFFK in the presence of Phyllis Mollet, the Secreatay General of FIAPF ,who visited the festival to appraise the new festival and consider FIAPF'S recognition .I had the opportunity as the Executive Director of IFFK to be instrumental for the task .Phyllis Mollet, returned to Paris and after completing the official formalities She forwarded the recognition letter from FIAPF.Derek was with me throughout the festival time. Moreover the then Jurors Martial Knabel,Donald Richie,Alain Jalladeau and Adoor Gopalakrishnan ,the Jury Chairman were closely known to Derek. I could introduce Derek and Phyllis to the then Chief Minister Shri E.K.Nayanar andCultural Minister Shri T.K Ramakrishnan ( see pictures).
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