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The second  Bishkek International Film Festival is a significant cultural and cinematic event in the city of Bishkek,the capital of Kyrgyzstan. . It serves as an umbrella event for bring together  the  professionals in the field of cinema from around the world, creating new international film projects, and drawing attention of  the l film industry around World.. Learning lessons from the first edition which held during November 2023 ,the festival officials decided to launch the second edition in a  wider perspective from June 11-15 2024.

Bishkek — City’s History
In 2023, Bishkek officially celebrated its 145th anniversary. However, historians assert that the city is much older than its «official» age suggests. Archaeological discoveries indicate the existence of urban life in this area as far back as the 7th-8th centuries. According to legend, the ancient city was founded by the mythical hero — Bishkek, who united different Kyrgyz tribes. Unfortunately, the devastating Mongol invasion in the 13th century almost obliterated all ancient centers of civilization.

In 1825, the Kokand Khanate established  the fortress of Pishpek (distorted by Russian settlers as Bishkek) on these lands to protect caravan routes. In 1878, Pishpek acquired the status of a district town. In 1924, it became the capital of the Kara-Kyrgyz Autonomous Region within the USSR. A year later, the autonomy was renamed the Kyrgyz, and one more year passed before Pishpek changed its name to Frunze, in honor of the city’s native, Soviet military leader M. V. Frunze. Only in 1992, after gaining independence, did the capital transform into Bishkek.

Jaabars — The main prize and symbol of the festival is the Snow Leopard called Jaabars, sculpted in bronze and depicted in a graceful pose, emphasizing its strength and greatness. Bronze symbolizes durability, reliability, and grandeur.

The Bronze Snow Leopard statuette ,the symbol of Bishkek ,the logo of the festival

The Snow Leopard is a symbol of the capital city — Bishkek. As the symbol of the capital of Kyrgyzstan, it highlights the city’s connection with nature and the culture of the region. It serves as a reminder of the rich cultural heritage of the Kyrgyz people and the beauty of the surrounding nature.

The Snow Leopard was chosen as the symbol of Bishkek in 1994 when the new coat of arms of the city was adopted. Traditionally, the Snow Leopard has been the totemic animal and sacred guardian of Kyrgyz warriors. The elusive, ghostly lord of the mountains, dwelling in the perpetually snow-covered high peaks of Kyrgyzstan.

The Bronze Snow Leopard statuette symbolizes outstanding achievements in the art of cinema and emphasizes the festival’s affiliation with the region’s nature and cultural richness. It is designed to inspire and motivate filmmakers worldwide to create new masterpieces.