Friday, April 23, 2010

The National Film Development Corporation Ltd. (NFDC)organizes Screenwriters’ Lab

The National Film Development Corporation Ltd. (NFDC),has decided to conduct a Screenwriters’ Lab 2010, a two-part Screen Writers’ Workshop for writing and selling original Indian screenplays, in association with Binger Filmlab and Locarno International Film Festival. This decision of the National Film Development Corporation Ltd. (NFDC) is in keeping with the mandate of promoting the development of the Cinemas of India. A 2-part workshop is designed to prepare screenwriters’ with original Indian stories for working with the international filmmaking market place. It aims at improving a completed screenplay in its final stages and to increase the international marketability of the same.The first part will be held from 7th – 9th August, 2010 at the Locarno International Film Festival, Locarno, Switzerland where participants will get first-hand experience of the workings of the international film community and get to train with their screenplay mentors.
The 2nd part at Film Bazaar, Goa from 23th – 26th November 2010 is where participants will apply their training and pitch their revised screenplays to participants at the film market to be held during IFFI 2010.The workshop will be conducted by Marten Rabarts, Artistic Director, Binger Filmlab, aided by experienced international guest mentors.Those who interested have to submit entry form along with screenplay in classic format, Log-line, one page synopsis along with screenwriters’ CV in English. A letter of intent and a DVD of previous work (if existing)as per the guidelines given in the application available online at or by contacting thro email . The last date being 17th May, 2010.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood to Open the Cannes Film Festival(Festival de Cannes) 2010 from 12th to 23rd May 2010

"The Festival is an apolitical no-man's-land, a microcosm of what the world would be like if people could contact each other directly and speak the same language." Jean Cocteau.
Ridley Scott’s Robin Hood , the story of an archer in the army of Richard Coeur de Lion who fights against the Norman invaders and becomes the legendary hero known as Robin Hood , to Open the Cannes Film Festival. Films of Kitano, Kiarostami, Iñárritu, Leigh etc would be added attractions of Cannes 2010.
The Festival International du Film was supposed to begin in Cannes in 1939, but due to the war, the launch date was put off. Finally, on 20 September 1946 the Festival de Cannes opened its doors, the first great international cultural event of the post-war period.
The Festival was organised as a non-profit organisation, managed by a Board of Directors and was to become "state-approved" as in 1972. The Festival de Cannes has celebrated the cinema for more than 60 years. Over the years, the French Association of the International Film Festival has been able to evolve whilst retaining the essential: the passion for motion pictures, discovery of new talents, and enthusiasm of festival-goers and professionals from around the world, all contributing to the birth and distribution of films.The Festival de Cannes has always been the reflection of its era: a centre for all cultures and hopes, a spring of effervescence and, above all, transmission.Defining ambitious and different projects, giving the possibility to budding filmmakers to emerge. A showcase of talents with respect of all tastes.At the heart of the Festival: that which is long awaited and celebrated in the different selections: the Competition, Un Certain Regard, films Out of Competition, Special Screenings, and Cinéfondation's competition of shorts and film school productions. Together, they represent an anthology of singular works, original cinematic approaches, discoveries and confirmation of talents, highlighted and awarded by the juries.
The Caméra d'Or Prize is awarded to the best first film presented in the Official Selection (Competition and Un Certain Regard), Directors' Fortnight or International Critics' Week.
The Cinéfondation, in addition to the selection, supports the new generation of international cinema through its Residence and Atelier.
The Short Film Corner, created in 2004, is dedicated to promoting short films.
First list of Programme and jury list for Cannes 2010 have been announced . Robin Hood Directed by Ridley Scott will be the opening film :.The Feature Film Jury: The President of the Jury will be Tim Burton and on the jury: Kate Beckinsale – Actress / United Kingdom,Giovanna Mezzogiorno – Actress / Italy), Alberto Barbera – Director of the National Museum of Cinema / Italy, Emmanuel Carrere – Author – Screenwriter – Director /France, Benicio Del toro – Actor / Porto Rico, Victor Erice - Director/ Spain, Shekhar Kapur - Director – Actor – Producer / India
Cinéfondation and Short Film Jury: The President of the Jury will be Atom Egoyan (Director/ Canada) and on the Jury:Emmanuelle Devos - Actress/ France,Dinara Droukarova - Actress/ Russia,Carlos Diegues - Director / Brazil,Marc Recha - Director / Spain.
Un Certain Regard Jury:
Claire DENIS, President - Director / France
Competition films :
Mathieu Amalric TOURNÉE(On Tour),Xavier Beauvois DES HOMMES ET DES DIEUX (Of God And Men),Rachid Bouchareb HORS LA LOI(Outside Of The Law),Alejandro González IÑÁRRITU BIUTIFUL,Mahamat-Saleh Haroun UN HOMME QUI CRIE(A Screaming Man),IM Sangsoo THE HOUSEMAID,Abbas Kiarostami COPIE CONFORME(Certified Copy),Takeshi Kitano OUTRAGE,Lee Chang-dong POETRY,Mike Leigh ANOTHER YEAR,Doug Liman FAIR GAME,Sergei Loznitsa MY JOY,Daniele Luchetti LA NOSTRA VITA(Our Life),Nikita Mikhalkov UTOMLYONNYE SOLNTSEM 2,Bertrand Tavernier LA PRINCESSE DE MONTPENSIER(The Princess Of Montpensier),Apichatpong weerasethakul LONG BOONMEE RALEUK CHAT(Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives).

Friday, April 16, 2010

The 3rd Subversive Film Festival with the theme Socialism

The 3rd Subversive Film Festival whose theme this year explores "Socialism", will be held from 1 to 25 May in the following locations: in the Europa, Tuškanac, Grič and SC cinemas and in the building of the former Museum of Contemporary Art. As previous festivals, this year’s festival will also include a rich film, theoretical and artistic programme as well as a range of other events.The neo-liberal utopia has died at least twice in the 21st century: once on 9/11 and the second time with the financial crash of 2008. If it was ever clear that the current economic and political model is not sustainable in the long term, then it is so today. In accordance with this, the question is posed about a possible alternative. The 1st Subversive Film Festival was dedicated to the anniversary of ’68 and the second to the 60th anniversary of the Chinese Revolution. The 3rd Subversive Film Festival will round off these themes by looking at – socialism.What is new this year is that the theoretical and film programmes will be separated. A large international conference will be held in the Europa Cinema from 3 to 7 May entitled "The crash of neo-liberalism and the idea of socialism today", whose directors are Slavoj Žižek and Srećko Horvat. As well as our already traditional guest Žižek, numerous intellectuals have confirmed their attendance such as Gianni Vattimo, Samir Amin, Michail Ryklin, G. M. Tamas, Michael Lebowitz and others. Alongside them, 30 participants from Croatia and the region will also take part (Boris Buden, Igor Štiks, Andrej Nikolaidis and many others). Noam Chomsky and Michael Hardt will participate via video-link. All lectures will include simultaneous translation in Croatian.This year’s film programme has three focuses. Throughout almost the whole of May (1-25 May) in Tuškanac Cinema the public will have a unique opportunity to watch a large retrospective of Yugoslav film, through all-evening projections of 75 feature films originating from the period from the beginning of the 50s until the end of the 80s, as well as a retrospective of the works of Živojin Žika Pavlović. As an item of special interest within Yugoslav cinematography the Zagreb School of Animated Film will be highlighted and will be presented by around 100 titles, including a retrospective of Dušan Vukotić.The second part of the programme, which will be held in the Student Centre Cinema from 9 to 15 May brings a selection of Latin American and Eastern European cinematography, representing the revolutionary film modernism of the 60s and 70s as well as a cross-section of contemporary Latin American film production.
The third segment of the film programme, entitled "Film as subversive art", will take place in the attractive and intimate space of Grič Cinema, and in the period from 17 to 22 May will be presented authors of contemporary political film, a three-day film theoretical school and a three-day film theoretical symposium, during which some twenty film authors and theoreticians from the region and abroad will critically reconstruct the phenomenon of Yugoslav film.
In cooperation with Kultura Promjene, the Subversive Film Festival has also prepared some real musical treats such as Tindersticks, Secret Chiefs 3 and Cinkuši; these artists will hold concerts in the Student Centre.
And finally, in the building of the former Museum of Contemporary Art the already celebrated curators’ collective WHW – What, How and for Whom in association with the Subversive Film Festival will prepare an exhibition entitled “Art always has consequences”. This will be open from 8 May to 2 June.