Tuesday, December 10, 2013

18th IFFK-To present a film in a festival, most satisfying for a filmmaker: Sumitra Bhave Director of the film ‘Astu’

 ‘Meet the directors’ session on the fifth day of 18th IFFK saw audience interacting with directors Sumitra Bhave, Sunil Sukthankar, Sudevan PP and Majid Barzegar. Marathi director was of the opinion that for a film maker, the most enjoyable is presenting their film. Her film ‘Astu’, co-directed by Sunil Sukthankar , is part of the festival competition section. “Astu deals with the chain of memories between an Alzheimer patient and an elephant”, Sukthankar also shared his views.

Sudevan,director of the film P P of ‘CR No 89’ said that despite of having done short films it was his first venture on the big screen. He said that taking films into a higher level of satellite value and marketing tactics were out of his mind. The director also revealed that he completed his production with the financial support of his friends and well wishers.He is getting back a portion of his investment by selling the video copies ,he added. “Sex is the extreme of emotions”, Sudevan said while answering  a question from the audience. The director also expressed his joy on the inclusion of his film in IFFK, calling it as a real bonus for hiswork. 
Irani director Majid Barzegar, director of ‘Parviz’, claimed that his film is a non sociological one. “The protagonist, Parviz is not just a character but the instinct, the reflection that every human posses", he added. Meera sahib moderated the section.

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