Monday, December 9, 2013

18th IFFK- Meet the Director-“If you wait for something to happen, it will never happen- Maximon Monihan , director of ‘Voice of the Voiceless’

“If you wait for money or wait for something to happen, it will never happen”, said American director Maximon Moniha. He was talking in ‘meet the director’ program held at the Sree Theater as part of the third day schedule of 18th IFFK. His film ‘Voice of the Voiceless’ is part of the ‘World Cinema’ package.
Israeli director Adi Adwans’ ‘Arbani’ is the first feature film ever on the ‘Dhrus’ community. “In a country as Israel it was a challenge to make a Film on a socially sensitive subject”, Adwan said. On answering to the hardship he faced during making of the film, he said that, it was very painstaking for him because of both economical tensions and the pressure of such sensitive subject. “My father wanted me to be lawyer but going against his will, I went on to became a film maker”, Adwan opened his mind.
Sri Lankan director Nilendra Deshapriya’s ‘Between Yesterday and Tomorrow’ is the recipient of Global Film Initiative Award at 66th Cannes Film Festival. The film is on the political riot and the dawn of hope the country thirsts for. Deshapriya literary wept while speaking about what all he sacrificed for the making of this film. “I have kept my house of lease to raise fund for the film but still am not sure about the film’s release in my nation because of the political scenario”, he revealed. Yet I expect it to be released by the month of June, the director spoke about his hope.
London Settled Nigerian director Biyi Bandela on speaking about his motivation behind making ’Half of the yellow sun’, he said that he wanted to do something as a Nigerian. And after reading the book of the same name, he fell in love with the story which begat the film. The story deals with the civil war of the 1960 – 1970.Indian director Nalan Kumarasamy said that he always wanted to do a film which has high in artistic value and also a commercial success which is loved by all. His film ‘Evil Engulfs’ (Soodhu Kavvum) is part of the Indian Cinema Now category of the festival. MeeraSahib moderated the session.

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