Thursday, December 12, 2013

18th IFFK-Technology has democratized the medium and I’m a great fan of technology : Arturo Ripstein

Mexican director Arturo Ripstein, and the jury chairman of the 18th IFFK said "Indian audience has great passion for cinema". He was ‘in conversation’with Aruna Vasudev in the fest venue.
Arturo spoke about his childhood which was spent along with his father, who was a film producer, and how he assisted Luis Bunuel which marked his beginning in cinema."I’m a great fan of technology", said Arturo Ripstein. He added that technology has democratized the medium.” It does not matter if the audience is five or 5000 it’s important that they have love for cinema”, he expressed.He said that the people of his country have remained his biggest inspiration. International acceptance has helped him to do films which go beyond his country, he mentioned. He remembered working with Gabriel Garcia Marquez, who scripted for couple of his films. While talking about the present scenario of Mexican film industry, he told that there are young directors emerging now. “The industry was much gelled in my time, now it’s not so”, said the veteran director. His wife Paz Alicia Garciadiego ,who also writes screenplay for Arturo’s films, said that Mexican and Serbian films do not travel outside. Budget remains to be a problem in Mexico, because of which films are made cheapest as possible. "Mexican films are subsidized by the government today and have always been supporting artists", she concluded.

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