Wednesday, December 11, 2013

18th IFFK- “I do not choose just for the adventure of choosing, but choose the stories that I believe to be true”: Shyama Prasad

Shyama Prasad, one of the most  acclaimed Directors from Kerala ,narrated his experiences in making films in different styles. He said  that portraying  female emotions will add more intensity to the subject matter of the film. He was at the ‘meet the director’ session held as a part of the sixth day of 18thIFFK. “I do not choose just for the adventure of choosing, but  choose the stories that I believe to be true”, he expressed.
While answering a question regarding the style of open style of ending in almost all films, Shayama Prasad said that is not deliberate,but by chance, and there is an option to the viewers to connect it in their own way “My films basically deal with the life that never comes in neat package”, he added. On answering about role of music in films, he said that it is a way of promoting a film and considers them as are necessary evil.
Producer Serik Abhishev of Kazakhstan film ‘Constructors’, told that the Kazakh films are generally a means to connect the society and not to entertain the people. “Only 20 films a year is being  produced in the country”, he said. He reveled that the film has been banned by his government as it portrays the real social issues in the country. He sadly added that not even commercial films in Kazakhstan have reached a breakeven.
Brazilian filmmaker Sergio Andrade said that his film, ‘Jonathan Forest’, tells the truth about ruin and exploitation of Amazon forest. While answering a question he said there was no interventions from the government or any obstruction at any stage”, he said. Andrade added that the film was produced by the government itself. “And for this, five scripts were shortlisted, among from 200”, he revealed. As concluding note, the director said that the film is expected to be released in Brazilian cinimas by January next year. Meera Sahib moderated the session and Balu Kiriyath welcomed the guests.

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