Monday, December 9, 2013

18th IFFK- Meet the Director-Cinema is the blending of Images and Sound into a big Idea: Joao Vian,Portugues Director

Portuguese director Joao Vian expressed cinema as the resumption of image and sound into a big idea. He was talking at ‘meet the director’ program held at Sree Theater, as a part of the 18th IFFK. Vian added that IFFK is rich with handpicked films of great quality. His film ‘The Battle of Tabato’ is part of the competition section of the festival.
North Korean director Nicholas Bonner said that he opted not to include politics into his films because all film have a substantial content of politics in them and he wanted his work to be different from others. His ‘Comrade Kim goes Flying’, part of the World Cinema package, is the first ever non political North Korean film. He added that the film was based on an entertainment basis.
 Mexican director Fernando Eimbcke’s two films are being screened in the festival. ‘Club Sandwich’ in the Competition category and ‘Lake Tahoe’ in Street Filmmaking form Latin America section. Speaking about his ‘Club Sandwich’, he said that the film is a sexual awaking story involving a mother and a son.
Turkish director Batur Emin Akyel said that he had in depth felt the pulse of the people and he really feels happy on his film ‘Story Teller’ being accepted by the audience.he added the art of story telling(Meddah)is still practiced in Turkey.
Meera Sahib moderated the function which was also attended by director Balu Kiriyath.

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