Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Technology has driven mankind to a mad race and so also cinema - Dr. Rashmi Doraiswamy

A panel discussion on technology versus creativity in cinema was held at the 45th IFFI today. Ashok Rane, the Director of Indian Film Academy opined that while technology on one hand has made cinema production easier, it has snatched away the longevity of the film on the other. The story value in the film is being undermined by technology as the producers are focusing on technology at the cost of the story.
Another panelist, Dr. Rashmi Doraiswamy, who is a Professor at the Academy of Third World Studies at Jamia Millia Islamia, subscribing to the observations of Mr. Rane said that, technology has driven mankind to a mad race and the same has happened in cinema also. In technology there is no space for silence and instead of mind, the cinema is catering to the body. She however, appreciated technology for making low-budget films possible.
M.K. Raghavendra, film scholar and critic also participated in the deliberations Replying to a query Raghavendra said that science fictions have nothing to do with progress in the field of science and a number of countries who have made strides in science have hardly rolled out much science fictions.

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