Tuesday, November 25, 2014

‘RI’ - the low cost, national Award Winning, Khasi Film at the 45th IFFI

‘RI’ has militancy in Meghalaya as its background but actually it deals with human feelings and relationships, says Pradip Kurbah , the Director of the Khasi film which has made it to the 45th IFFI. Addressing  the media  in the Press room of 45TH International Film Festival of India in Goa, Pradip said that film making in Meghalaya has picked up only recently . The infrastructure for screening films is very poor in the state, government support is yet to begin and the challenge of ever-changing technology makes it difficult for film makers to give technically good productions. The Director, working in the field of Khasi film industry since the age of seventeen said that the film RI was shot in 18 days with a total budget of only Rs 22 lakhs. Films in local language get quickly displaced by Bollywood Blockbusters, due to which they have to take the film to villages and show them on projectors, he revealed. Such films can’t recover costs due to this difficulty and making a new film is a struggle even for an established director, he added. The lead actor Merlvin Mukhim explained that the film portrays the common collective past of the North-East and has been made to educated today’s youth.

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