Thursday, November 27, 2014

45th IFFI-“Technological history of music has been a shadow zone”- Pratik

“Being a sound technician I have been watching the technical changes in music and on the basis of my experience I have reached the conclusion that we cannot record the exact music that is played live before us. This is the fact that I have tried bringing on record through my film”, said Pratik, the director of the film ‘On and Off the Records’ one of the 15 films in the non-feature category at 45th IFFI. He was interacting with media persons .Technological history of music has been a shadow zone which hardy anybody has ventured into in terms of film making. But Pratik Biswas is an exception. He has made a non-feature film on the subject. A self taught and self made sound technician, Pratik has explored one hundred years journey of technical changes in Indian music. Technology has been overshadowing songs, in an area that has to be addressed and it’s a challenge before us to strike a balance between the two.

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