Tuesday, November 25, 2014

45 th IFFK-Films around 90 minutes are” fast food films”-Shaji Karun

Speaking in a press conference at 45th International Film Festival of India , director of Panorama entry film "Sopaanam,” ,Shaji N Karun said that he made the film with 200 minutes purposely as Films around 90 minutes are” fast food films”. ‘Art transcends everything , so is the art of sound for a male drummer and the body for a female danseuse ,Shaji added. Krishnan Unni,the sound recordist and sound visualizer said he used  11.1 sound and recorded the sounds of ‘Chenda ‘out door to keep the quality of the sound.He added that he used around 60 sound tracks in some points to incorporate the desired effect. Saji Nair, cinematographer also addressed the media 

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