Monday, December 24, 2007

A DAY OF 44 films in the IFFK

The second day witnessed the inauguration of the Malayalam Cinema and the Indian Cinema packages at the IFFK. A total of 3 homages have been screened – Swedish director Ingmar Bergman, Indian Cinematographer K.K.Mahajan, and Malayali film maker P.Bhaskaran. The open forum was inaugurated at New Theatre by noted Chilean Director Miguel Littins. Actor and jury member Nasuruddin Shah presented the film “Khuda ke liye”, one in which he has acted. Other notable films of the day were:

1. Father :- It is a Russian Movie directed by Ivan Solovov. The movie captures the emotional turmoil of a Russian War hero, who on his way back home meets a young girl with whom he spends 2 days but is reminded of his duties midway and goes back to his family. The movie has already won accolades at the Montreal World Film Festival – 2007.

2. All About My Mother : As a Director who enthralled the audience at the previous edition of the IFFK with his movie ‘Volver’. Pedro Almodovar is not a new face, so much so tht a whole package is in store for the audience this time around. All about my mother is a Spanish movie which deputes the dilemma of a single mother who is forced to recite the story o her transvestite husband to her son on his birthday, and who is in the end goes in search of her husband after her son died in an accident.

3. After the Wedding: is a Danish Movie directed by Sussane Bier. It portrays the life of Jacob, the protagonist who dedicated his life to help in street kids in India. When the orphanage he was working was under the threat of closing, he gets a peculiar offer from a Danish businessman, who offers him 4 million dollars in return for Jacob attending his daughters wedding. The wedding becomes a meeting between the past and present for Jacob and puts him in a dilemma.

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