Monday, December 24, 2007

Aravindan took Indian films to the world: Madhav Prasad

While delivering G Aravindan Memorial Speech in connection with the 12th International Film Festival of Kerala Sri Madhav Prasad, noted film critic and researcher said that G Aravindan played a great role in taking Indian cinema to the world forum ,but the new generation is unable to understand the creative world of Aravindan.
As a filmmaker Aravindan reflected his times. Sorrows and anxieties of the individuals and the society filled his celluloid ventures. Naturally, his films became flagposts of Kerala’s transcending life and culture, said Madhav Prasad.
Good films come out of struggles within a society. Human actions always undergo changes. In a world of rapid changes only good communucators can be good filmmakers, added Madhav.
Commercial films are designed to sell. So they are inevtably suffering from market compulsions. Most creations nowadays in Hollywood are succumbed to box-office pressure. It is to such a situation in Hollywood that Indian filmdom is looking for new pastures. Hence, the number of path-breaking movies in India is a matter of fingers’ count. Films like Rang De Basanti comes to this catagory of handful films, said Madhav to a well attended gathering at Sree Theatres.
In the function, the logo of IFFK designed by G. Aravindan was handed over Chalachithra Academy by Paul Zakaria, the noted writer. By receiving the logo K R Mohanan, Academy Chairman, said that the logo is an invaluable imprint on the filmworld.

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