Monday, December 24, 2007

‘Co-productions posing favourable situations’

Attending a Press Conference Zhunag Yuxin, director of the Chinese film “Teeth of Love’, Nei Buboi, director of Philippian movie “The Casket for Hire”, Teresa Prata, director of the Portuguese film “Sleep Walking Land’, Natasha Briar, director of Photography of the film XXY opined that Co-productions and world wide productions are posing much favourable situations for the development of Cinema, according to the directors of the competition movies. “International festivals are the new generation media through which one can communicate his ideas without the constraints of the box office” said Agnidev Chatterje, the director of “Lord! Let the Devil Steal My Soul”. According to Natasha Briar, one of the greatest challenges in Argentena was insufficiency of funds. By braving this difficulty new Argentenian Cinema has been born. “If you have an idea and strong determination to make a movie half of the part is done, you can even make films using a mobile Camera” says Natasha. Teresa Prata said that the most Herculean task she faced to make a movie was the inavailability of talented actors. It took two months for casting the characters with their appropriate role’, she recalled.The free economy of Philippians is much supporting for the film industry in Philipians, opined Neel Bubo ‘More and more producers in Philipians are coming for film making as they find it as a favourable means for better earning. As the Hollywood movies are taking advantage of the popular stardom and the sophistication of technologies in movie making, Chinese movies were facing depletion even in Chinese land, said Zhuang Yuxin. “Harry Porter and James Bond movies are crowd pullers in China, Chinese people have a misconception that the big budget movies are the real good ones, that’s not true” - Yuxin added. “Everyone is having a better chance of taking the Suvarn Chakoram home” was the comment made by the competition film makers when they were asked about their chances of winning. There occurs a variety of notions regarding the digital Cinema and cinema shot on film. Despite of the whether it is digital or film, the cinema is basically of the director rather than producer, most of the directors opined.

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