Saturday, December 29, 2007

Belgian Retrospective Flanders ”s image opens with the screening of “Gills “

Belgium films ‘Gilles’ directed by Jan Verheyen narrates the story of a young talented soccer player ‘Gilles’ whose father Bert’s passionate support and coaching feed their dream that Gilles will make it to the Red Devils pro team. When Bert’s enthusiasm causes a heart attack, a grieving Gilles finds a way to bring his father back to life so that he (but no one else) sees his dad everywhere, especially when playing soccer. But there’s a downside to Bert’s continuing presence: When Gilles learns that soccer might jeopardize his future, Bert still pushes Gilles to keep playing. Is this Gilles’ desire too, or only his father’s? While his mother urges him to quit and his friends offer encouragement, in the end Gilles must rule an offside, either as his penalty or his father’s trap.Under this section four Belgian films will be screened. The other three films are, ‘King of the World’ (Director: Guido Henderickx), ‘Love belongs to everyone’ (Director: Hilde Van Mieghem) and ‘The Intruder’ (Director: Frank Van Mechelen).

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