Saturday, November 22, 2008

‘ Warlords ‘ ,the opening film in the 39th IFFI

International Film Festival of India commences its 39th edition with the screening of the Hongkong film in mandarin language , ‘Warlords’, directed by Peter Ho-Sun Chan. It is a period film set in 19th centuary. The suffering of the 430 million Chinese people under the corrupt rule of the Qing dynasty set the stage for the Taiping Rebellion. During the chaos of the decade long civil war, 50 million people died from either hunger or battle. In the fall of 1870, General Pang stands high atop the city walls fully attired in governor's robes. Peering down upon the site of his inauguration, he is filled with dreams and ambition. Pang has taken a path of no return; had he chosen differently, he might have been one of the heroes to later overthrow the corrupt Qing imperial regime and establish a new China. He could have changed the course of history……But two bandits and a woman have changed the course of his life - helping him achieve his goal, but ultimately causing his demise. The two bandits are his sworn blood brothers: Zhao Er-Hu and Jiang Wu-Yang. The woman who comes between them is Zhao's wife Lian. Peter Chan has been quoted as saying that the film, mounted on an epic scale and marked by spectacular battle scenes and great visuals, was influenced by the late Chang Cheh's 1973 film The Blood Brothers, but also that it was not a remake.This film won awards/screened in London, San Francisco International film festivals.other crew and cast include Cinematography: Arthur Wong,Editor: Wenders Li ,Music: Chan Kwong Wing, Peter Kam, Chatchai Pongprapaphan ,Cast: Jet Li (Gen Pang), Andy Lau (Zhao Er-Hu), Takeshi Kaneshiro (Jiang Wu-Yang), Xu Jinglei (Lian).peter ho-sun chan is also the jury chairman in this festival

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