Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Film Bazaar opens on the sidelines of IFFI-Goa, 2008

A Film Bazaar has been organized by the National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) at Marriott Resort in Goa from November 26-29, on the sidelines of IFFI-Goa-2008. The Film Bazaar aims at creating opportunities for networking and business for producers, filmmakers and distributors from across the world. Bigger and better than the previous years, this year the Bazaar offers much more to the delegates and the participants. Among others, the Film Bazaar provides an interactive platform to promote co-production market by facilitating collaboration among potential domestic and international partners in the realms of production and distribution. Fifteen pre-selected film projects and ten documentary projects, a new feature to be introduced this year will be presented at Bazaar. “Film Bazaar is a co-production and distribution market for feature and non-feature films that reflects the diversity of India, that tell unseen and unheard stories… the core of the bazaar, apart from the beauty of Goa, are these projects that are looking for finance and sales”, said Ms Nina Lath Gupta, Managing Director of NFDC.Among the 10 non-feature films at the co-production market are Mike Pandey’s film on global disappearance of bees, Nitin K’s Gang of 7 and Preeti Mankar’s Mad about IIT-JEE. 15 Feature films in the co-production market include Indra Sinha’s Booker nominated novel ‘Animal People’ by English Director Michael Anderson. Samuel Kartikeya, a Tamil/Hindi bilingual about a vigilante whose goal is to cleanse society from evil. In addition, a screenwriting workshop will be organized by Binger Filmlab, an Amsterdam based international feature film development centre under the mentorship of global film makers to promote Indian talents. Mentors for the programme are Philippa Campbell, Sooni Taraporevala, Franz Rodenkirchen and Udayan Prasad. Eight scripts have been selected for the workshop. A Film Conclave will also be held in association with “Screen International” to conduct panel discussion and round tables on global trends in the industry and scope of partnering with India.

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