Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Awards inspired me: Kim Ki-Duk

South Korea’s best-known filmmaker Kim Ki-Duk is in Goa, where five of his acclaimed films including “Pieta” will be screened at IFFI as part of an exclusive Retrospective on the master director. Other films to be shown are The Bow, Time, Breath and Dream. His another masterpiece Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring will be shown in the Soul of Asia section. Kim has won many international awards including the top Golden Lion Award at the Venice Festival this year for his latest film Pieta. Talking to the media here, Kim said, he has produced 18 films so far, but lamented that Korean audience prefer Hollywood movies and his films are mostly offbeat themes narrating tragedies of real life. He said, Images and Ideas and the News are the two most important inspirations for him to translate his vision into films. Responding to a volley of questions, Kim informed that in his 30s, he went to Paris to learn painting and there he got exposed to theatre. He also won a screenplay competition in 1996 and entered the world of Cinema. When pointed out that his films are received widely in the world cinema, the Korean Master replied that it motivates him to make more such films on quality themes and it also helps to get sponsors. Kim, who is on his first-ever visit to India admitted that extreme capitalism is the topic of many of his films and Pieta is one such brilliant film one looks forward to watch in the IFFI-2012.

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