Friday, November 22, 2019

50th IFFI 2019-meet the press - directors Manoj Kana,Ananth Mahadevan and actor Suhasini Mulay

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All my artists in Kenjira are tribals and  Tribalsway of life  inspired me to make this film; said Manoj Kana, Director of movie Kenjira. Filmmaker Ananth Mahadevan said , “Cinema is not a consumer product but a creative art” and  big budget films are favoured at the cost of small budget films as they are expected to earn big returns casting  popular actors.The audience for small budget films are there, but  the distributors and exhibitors are not willing to help.. We take the festival route but when we want to sell the films we have to prove that these films are commercial.”
He was speaking along with actresses Suhasini Mulay , Usha Jadhav and cinematographer Alphonse Roy about his film Mai Ghat..The movie is about protracted struggle of a mother to get justice for her son who was wrongly branded a thief and tortured to death in police custody.
Talking about the film, Suhasini Mulay said, “We are used to very quick pace, but this film that is beautifully paced, makes you aware of the fact that the protagonist woman has been fighting for 13 years. Ananth has used silence so beautifully.” Anant added  that. “The film speaks cinematic language.
Speaking about his film Kenjira director Manoj Kana said. “I am into theatre in Malayalam. I have worked with tribal a lot and their way of life touched my heart. All my artists in Kenjira are tribal, this is my third movie after Chayilyam and Amoeba”.  Kana narrated the hurdles faced by him in collecting finance for this film. He went on to speak about an incident in which a school which was closed down was ultimately re-started by first attracting students to theatre being run in the school premises.
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