Wednesday, October 24, 2018

FIPRESCI NEWS-Luciano Monteagudo to receive the Ibero-American Criticism Fénix Award 2018

Luciano Monteagudo to receive the Ibero-American Criticism Fénix Award 2018

Luciano MonteagudoThe fifth Fénix award honouring the contribution to Ibero-American cinema criticism, attributed by the International Federation of Film Critics, FIPRESCI, will be presented to Luciano Monteagudo, from Argentina, for the inspiration and insight his work has brought to the region. He is continuously enriching film culture through his writing, that he has been publishing for three decades mainly in the newspaper "Página 12" (and before that in several other Argentinean and international papers and magazines, as well as in books), and also through his almost forty years (and counting) curating the film program of Buenos Aires's renowned Sala Lugones (within the San Martín Theatre). He has programmed at festivals such as Bafici and Doc Buenos Aires – that he directed until last year, and is still participating in. As delegate for Argentina and Uruguay for the Berlinale (for nearly two decades now), he has been instrumental to bringing international attention to the the region’s cinema, and to developing the critical discourse around it.

Monteagudo will receive the prize during the Fénix awards ceremony, on November the 7th in Mexico City. Cinema23 , an association promoting and celebrating cinema made in Latin America, Spain and Portugal, created the Ibero-American Fénix Film Awards in 2014. Since that first edition, a special prize decided by FIPRESCI  acknowledges the contribution to film criticism in the region. In the past, it has been presented to José Carlos Avellar from Brazil, Jorge Ayala Blanco from Mexico, Miguel Marías from Spain, and Isaac León Frías from Peru.(courtesy:International Federation of Film Critics - FIPRESCI
Munich, Germany

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