Thursday, December 3, 2015

20th IFFK-Ashbah Film by Dariush Mehrjui Life time Achievement Award Winner 20th International Film Festival of Kerala


Iran / Persian / 2014

A drunken, boorish general tyrannises his wife and his maid. When the wife discovers that her husband and the maid are having an affair, she turns the maid out of the house, little realising that the young woman is pregnant with the general’s child. Years later, the general is dead, and a younger generation has risen with a new outlook on life and new problems to face… This flamboyantly stylised melodrama, loosely adapted from Ibsen, is the newest work by one of the legendary figures of  Iran’s new wave.
Dariush Mehrjui is an Iranian Director ,screen writer ,producer and film editor.He  was one of the founder members of Iranian New wave cinema. His second film, Gaav is considered to be the first film of this movement, which also included Masoud Kimiai and Nasser Taqvai. Most of his films are inspired by literature and adapted from Iranian and foreign novels and plays.
In 1959, Mehrjui moved to the United States to study at University of California, Los Angeles  (UCLA) Department of Cinema. One of his teachers there was Jean Renoir, whom Mehrjui credited for teaching him how to work with actors. Mehrjui was dissatisfied with the film program due to its emphasis on the technical aspects of film and the quality of most of the teachers. Mehrjui has said of his educators, “They wouldn’t teach you anything very significant…because the teachers were the kind of people who had not been able to make it in Hollywood themselves…[and would] bring the rotten atmosphere of Hollywood to the class and impose it on us.”   He switched his major to philosophy and graduated from UCLA in 1964.

Mehrjui started his own literary magazine in 1964, Pars Review. The magazine’s intention was to bring contemporary Persian literature to western readers. During this time he wrote his first script with the intention of filming it in Iran. He moved back to Tehran in 1965.Back in Tehran, Mehrjui found employment as a journalist and screenwriter.  From 1966 to 1968 he was a teacher at Tehran’s Center for Foreign Language Studies, where he taught classes in literature and English language. He also gave lectures on films and literature at the Center for Audiovisual Studies through the University of Tehran..




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