Thursday, December 3, 2015

20th IFFK -2015- My Choice

My Choice for 20th IFFK 2015

1 Mustang                            
2. Degrade                            
3. Diary of a Chambermaid   
4 Lamb
5 Marguerite                       
6 The Measure of a man   
7  Wondrous Boccaccio  
8  Mountains may depart
9  Taxi     
10. Embrace of the Serpent
11  Land and Shade
12 Tajmahal  
13.My Skinny Sister  
   (all 15 above shown in IFFI 2015)
16The thin yellow line
17.Stop –Kim ki Duk (not good as his previous films)
18.Right now wrong then
19.Ashbah –Mehrjui
20.Franco Fonia-Aleksander Sukarov
21 A very ordinary citizen     
22.Life of Pi- Ang lee (2012 Film won many a awards)
23.Cinema wallah –Kaushik Ganguly(won the ICFT-Unesco Fellini Prize -46th IFFI)
24.Love (if you like sexual overtones)


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