Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Berlinale Talent Campus, Goethe-Institut and FIPRESCI invite young film critics to Berlin.

The Talent Press, a project of the Berlinale Talent Campus, Goethe-Institut, and FIPRESCI (the International Federation of Film Critics) invites young film critics and film journalists to Berlin to report on the films at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival (February 6 – 16, 2014) and on the events of the Berlinale Talent Campus (February 8 – 13, 2014).The call for applications for the Talent Press is now open. The application regulations be found online at www.berlinale-talentcampus.de and www.fipresci.org ) .Young film critics or journalists— Fluent in English (in writing and speaking);— Eager to report on films screened at the Berlin International Film Festival and on events held during the Berlinale Talent Campus 2014;— Having published articles in newspapers, film magazines, on websites or at universities are eligible.The works  the selected write  on films screened at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival may be published on www.berlinale-talentcampus.de and www.fipresci.org . Participants will grant unlimited use and exploitation rights in and to all articles and reviews done in the framework of the Berlinale Talent Campus and the Berlin International Film Festival. The interested can only apply on the Berlinale Talent Campus website: www.berlinale-talentcampus.de . If any queries please contact campus@berlinale.de .The application deadline is September 18, 2013. Successful candidates will be notified at the latest by early January.

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