Saturday, December 3, 2011

The Columbian film "Porfirio," directed by Alejandro Landes won the Golden Peacock award for best film in the 42nd International Film Festival of

The film"Porfirio," based on a true story was selected in the "Directors Fortnight" section of the Cannes film festival . Also won an award at Belgium film festival’s L'Age d'Or and Cinedecouvertes. This film is based on the story of a wheelchair-bound man named "Porfirio" , hijacking a plane with two grenades hidden in his diaper. The director has given the story a human angle, focusing on the dreams, hopes and aspirations of the disabled man, as opposed to the violent, bloody angle of the hijacking. The film, according to critics, succeeds through technical, artistic and narrative decisions to convey the drama and claustrophobia of a man hoping, in a system in which there is very little hope. It is a collaborative venture of Columbia, Spain, France, Argentina, Uruguay and realized by Brazilian-Ecuadorian director Alejandro Lanes.

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