Sunday, November 26, 2023

56th International Film Fof India 2023


IFFI has to support the filmmakers who need support, need not promote or support   Bollywood Maharajas. The film festival should be for good cinema."

Arvind Sinha,film makersays: "What is to be promoted (through IFFI) is good cinema. Bollywood has its own money, finance, muscle power, through all these things, they are getting into these spaces... (The people) who are making the decision should have clarity that public taxpayers money should not be spent on filmmakers like Karan Johar... They (IFFI organisers) have to support the documentary filmmakers, feature filmmakers who need support. There are no rajas-maharajas to support the artistes, the government should support any work of art…Why should these spaces be given to those who already have everything? They don’t need support from the government. What are they doing here? The film festival is not for them. The film festival should be for good cinema."

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