Saturday, November 25, 2023

54th International Film Festival of India 2023.


Films compete for the prestigious ICFT-UNESCO Gandhi Medal at 54th IFFI

These cinematic masterpieces, shortlisted for the competition, stand out as beacons, realigning our consciousness towards the principles of peace, tolerance, non-violence, and compassion, especially in a world besieged by conflict and chaos.

This year, ten notable movies from diverse corners of the world compete for this award:

1. ‘A House in Jerusalem’ by Muayad Alayan (Palestine, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Qatar, 2022).

2. ‘Citizen Saint’ by Tinatin Kajrishvili (Georgia, 2023).

3. ‘Drift’ by Anthony Chen (UK, France, Greece, 2023).

4. “It’s Sira” by Apolline Traoré (France, Germany, Senegal, 2023).

5. ‘Kalev’ by Ove Musting (Estonia, 2022). 

6.‘The Prize’ by Paul Fauzan Agusta (Indonesia, 2022).

7. ‘The Sugar Experiment’ by John Tornblad (Sweden, 2022).

8. ‘Mandali’ by Rakesh Chaturvadi Om (India, 2023).

9. ‘Malikapuram’ by Vishnu Sasi Shankar (India, 2022). 

10. ‘Rabindra Kabya Rahasya’ by Sayantan Ghosan (India, 2023).

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