Thursday, December 6, 2018

23rd International Film Festival of Kerala -IFFK 2018- IFFK celebrates INGMAR BERGMAN centenary year with a special section of his six films.

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 Most renowned Swedish filmmaker Ingmar Bergman at 100. The master  craftsman who revolutionised cinema  and brought new levels of psychological realism  to moving images but his work too often lazily dismissed as depressing and overloaded with symbolism

"Ingmar Bergman’s place at the heart of the world cinema canon is assured and yet he is often regarded as more of a duty than a pleasure. His films are as full of joy and lust for life as they are with probing psychological fragility and agonising over the meaning of existence"-joe sommerlad


Autumn Sonata / Høstsonaten
Director  Ingmar Bergman / Sweden, West Germany/1978/Colour/99’/Swedish, Norwegian, English
Cries & Whispers / Viskningar och rop
Director : Ingmar Bergman / Sweden/1972/Colour/91’/Swedish
Fanny & Alexander / Fanny och Alexander
Director Ingmar Bergman  / Sweden, West Germany, France/1982/Colour/188’/Swedish, German
Director: Ingmar Bergman / Sweden/1966/Black and White/84’/Swedish
Scenes from a Marraige / Scener fra et ekteskap
Director  Ingmar Bergman / Sweden/1973/Colour/281’/Swedish
Searching for Ingmar Bergman / Ingmar Bergman – Vermächtnis eines Jahrhundertgenies
Director: Margarethe von Trotta / Germany, France/2018/Colour/99’/German, Swedish, English, French
Smiles of a Summer Night / Sommarnattens leende
Director : Ingmar Bergman  / Sweden/1955/Black and White/108’/Swedish
Summer Interlude / Sommarlek
Director Ingmar Bergman / Sweden/1951/Black and White/96’/Swedish
Summer with Monika / Sommaren med MonikaDirector Ingmar Bergman/ Sweden/1953/Black and White/96’/S

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