Saturday, November 24, 2018

49th International Film Festival of India 2018-India does not have a dedicated channel or channel slot for environmental projects says Non-feature film makers

 Remya Raj, director of ‘Midnight Run’ said her debut film is an attempt to portray the transformation of fear in a person. The film shows the ability of this universal emotion to trigger a complete transformation in people when they are afraid and when they are trying to make someone afraid. In a country where hardly any one  invests in environmental films, self-funding is the best option to produce quality films, said S. Nalla Muthu, noted cinematographer and director of ‘The World's Most Famous Tiger’ - showcased in the Non Feature Film section at the 49th International Film Festival of India in  Goa.  He was addressing a joint press conference, along with directors of other non-feature films ‘Monitor’, ‘Midnight Run’ and ‘Na Bole Wo Haram. Speaking about his film ‘The World's Most Famous Tiger’ Nalla Muthu said that it is not meant for conservationists, biologists or people who know about wildlife. It is made for the common audience, and the story has been told from an Indian perspective by characterising and humanising animals. He also pointed out that since India does not have a dedicated channel or channel slot for environmental projects, we have to depend on channels like National Geographic and Discovery, which demands a quality product. ‘The World's Most Famous Tiger’ showcases the determination, bravery and confidence of Machli, the legendary Tiger Queen of Ranthambhore National Park.  Replying to a question on human-animal conflict, he said that co-existing is the only option forward.
 Hari Viswanath, Director of the Non-Feature film ‘Monitor’ said that his film is intended to motivate women to stand up against sexual harassment at workplace. The entire film is shown from the point of view of a computer monitor. Based on true events, ‘Monitor’ narrates the life of an IT professional Rupa who struggles to balance her career and personal life in abusive work environment. "This is a fictional film based on a true story of a friend of mine having been raped. I made this to inspire other women to face such incidents with courage." He said instead of showing only the problems connected with sexual harassment at workplace, we should come up with some inspirational or motivational solutions.

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