Sunday, December 4, 2016

21st iffk 2016- PARTING / RAFTAN , the opening film


PARTING / RAFTAN , Afganistan film has been selected as the opening  film in the 21st international film festival of kerala

Parting doesn't exactly promise a happily-ever-after ending for its two young Afghan lovebirds seeking a new life in Europe. Navid Mahmoudi's directorial debut Parting is “more about those who are stranded than those who have managed to move: Set nearly entirely in the Iranian capital of Tehran, it's is a compact but vivid illustration of migrant lives in limbo”. Two young Afghans, Fereshteh and Nabi, are in love, but Fereshteh has to follow her parents and leave Afghanistan to find refuge in Iran. Nabi decides to illegally cross the border, find Fereshteh and take her through Turkey towards Europe and a better life.

This film won Special Jury Prize, Busan International Film and participated in

Festival, South Korea, Thessaloniki International,Film Festival, Greece, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, Estonia, Brisbane Asia Pacific Film and Festival, Australia

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