Saturday, July 2, 2011

Vladivostok International Film Festival – “PACIFIC MERIDIAN” (September 10-16, 2011)

Vladivostok International Film Festival is an International Film Festival of Asian Pacific Countries viz. countries surrounded by Pacific Ocean and countries of South-East Asia including India. Film Festival is held annually in one of the most beautiful places on the Pacific Ocean coast - Vladivostok. The Festival was instituted in 2003 and 2011 will celebrate its 9th edition, September 10 – 16 ,2011.Vladivostok is a very beautiful and exciting city, place on the hills. Three sides of it are washed by sea waters. Vladivostok is 9288 km far from Moscow and 400 km close to Tokyo and Seoul. It' s geographical location gives us entrancing chance to get acquainted with unique cultures of Asian and Pacific Countries and enjoy them. Every of these countries is a pearl in the necklace of Pacific cultural treasures. The Festival sees itself as a showcase for what is happening in cinema. Whether through films, workshops, panels and thematic collaboration with our cultural players - The Festival offers numerous forms of cooperation and interaction. There is a competition of feature length and short films of debut film makers as well as filmmakers of repute. A non-competitive program consists of review of Asian and Pacific countries cinema of 2009-2010, brand new Russian cinema and Retrospective that focuses on the lifework of a great cinema personality. This festival of encounters and discussions, a broad network of creative partners, workshops and master classes as well as full of entertainment. .More than 30 Countries of Pacific Area and Asia delegate their filmmakers to this festival. This is a festival for actors, producers, filmmakers, distributors, directors, movie critics, journalists and grateful film amateurs. It is also a fantastic place giving a birth for new cinema talents and projects, a meeting point of the available and possible. Feature and short films on 35mm, Beta cam Digital, Beta cam SP, HD Cam, DCP with English subtitles, and finished by production after January 1st, 2010 are eligible for Competition The film prints included in the Festival program should be received by the Festival Management in their original format and before September 5th, 2011.The International Jury will grant the following awards:The Best Feature Award; (RUB 625 000) ,The Best Short Film Award; (RUB 375 000),The Best Director Award; (RUB 375 000),The Best Actor Award; (RUB 250 000),The Best Actress Award; (RUB 250 000),The Special Jury Award. (RUB 250 000),The additional awards include Award from the Governor of Primorsky territory - “9 288 km”; (RUB 375 000),The Audience Award; (RUB 125 000),‘Yul Brynner’ ,Award ,Special awards from the Festival partners. The award winners will be present in person at the Closing ceremony of the festival

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