Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our space has been snatched away by conglomerate market forces

The colonial corporate market forces dominate the cinema culture of both Africa and Latin America, say the film directors from both the regions who participated in the open forum conducted at the sidelines of 14th International Film Festival of Kerala . Opening the discussion, noted African director June Giovanne said Hollywood films dominated the African film market and indigenous African films found it difficult to draw viewers around. ``Since film distribution is monopolised by US conglomerates , they won’t promote our films,’’ she said. Endorsing the opinion of his African counterpart Argentenian director Edwardo Spagnuolo said the cinema of his country faced the danger of double colonialism, the US colonialism on the market side and European colonialism on the cultural side. As a result 90 percent Argentinean films are entertainers. When asked about the involvement of cinema in the promotion of the ongoing mass movements there, he said there were cinemas which actively promote this aspect.Speaking on the occasion Director from Senegal, Mama Keita said the rampant corruption prevailed in African countries make things difficult. Enrique Angeleri, also from Argentina, said major colonial forces always tried to keep Argentina down the line politically, financially and culturally. ``Latin American market is enough for us and we need not go elsewhere for our survival. But the problem is that our space has been snatched away from us,’’ he said.

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