Monday, December 1, 2008

Golden Lamp Tree Award at IFFI ,2008

Nicolas Provost’s Plot Point (Belgium) received Golden Lamp Tree Award at first ever Exhibition-cum-business platform for Short Films ,Short Film Center of Entertaintment society of Goa. Geetika Narang’s Good Night, a story of retired engineer who has decided to start his life afresh, got Silver Lamp Tree. Gabriel Brennen’ L’Ecrivain/The Writer received Special Jury Award. Spanish Director Albert Bayona’s short film Monday to Friday bagged Vasudha Award for the best short film on environmental issues.

Golden Lamp Tree Award, carrying a cash price of Rs 5 lakh went to Provost’s 15 minutes of seemingly random succession of shots of Manhattan sidewalks. The film questions of boundaries between reality and fiction by merely suggesting cinematic narrative codes(tension curve, climax, plot point) but ultimately leaves the mystery unrevealed. The second award to Good Night carry cash prize of Rs 3 Lakh and Special Jury award carries the cash award of Rs two lakh.
Vasudha Award a replica of Goddess Gajalaxmi in her abode at Valpoi, Sattari in Goa. Depicting Jal Water Jamin Land and Jungle. The trophy is designed by Gurudas M Kamat the regional coordinator of the Indian Documentary Producers Associations. Bayona’s film an audiovisual about the environment change and human interference in landscape by alien elements.
Giving away the awards Shri Pratap Singh Rane congratulated the winners and congratulated IFFI and ESG for taking this valuable initiative. CEO ESG Manoj Shrivastava called it a fulfillment of long pending desire of short filmmakers in the country. Noted Filmmaker and president of IDPA Janu Barua said that the selection was a tough task and hoped that the platform like Short Film Center will give the short films a platform to flourish. Festival Director Shri S .M .Khan also spoke on the occasion..

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