Wednesday, December 10, 2008

145 Eminent Personalities as Guests in the 13th IFFK

145 prominent film personalities from around the world are attending the 13th Internationalal Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK 2008) according to the Festival Directorate. This include some of the worlds leading Film Distribution Companies like Celluliod Dreams, Pioniwa films, C.K.Productions, Pyramide , Palador Films, PVR Films and NDTV. Amos Gitai, Idrissa Ouedrago, Shakhnazarov Karen, Kehtan Mehta, Subash Gai are among the directors from 23 countries . Fernando Birri , celebrated Latin American Director and K.R.Vijaya , known Indian actor of yester years will be the Guests of hounor for the Inaugural ceremony . Most of the directors of competition section will also be on the guest list. Indians presence in the guests line up include Girish Kasaravelli, K.P.Kumaran, M.G.Sasi and Nandhitha Das .. Representatives of Ten International Film Festivals will also attend the fest

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