Thursday, January 3, 2008

Ghumayee from Jammu-a parable that questioed ritualistic relationship

“Ghumayee “ a drama from Jammu enriched the national theatre festival concluded here the other day. It also proved beyond doubt that language is not a barrier for appreciating theatre works . Kashmir is far away from Kerala , but the love of theatre shortened the distance of these two cultures at the National Drama festival held in Thiruvananthapuram.

Theatre groups from other part of the country were here to present plays already popular in their languages.The Natrang group presented its celebrated play Ghumayee directed by Balwant Thakur in the National theatre festival .''These are things, these are initiatives which integrate us and make us feel that we belong to a big country called India. We are from Jammu and Kashmir and performing in Kerala. It gives us a different kind of feel,'' said Balwant Thakur.
Ghumayee is the story of a newly wedded couple on their way to bride groom’s house for a ceremony, realises the strength of human relationships. The story conveys the value of human relationship of marriage beyond mere rituals. Balwant used music as a weapon and folklore as a shield to conquer the hearts of theatre lovers. The play is in Dogri but the music is universal and is in fact, the language of narration in the play. Not surprisingly, everyone seems to appreciate the message the play brings.
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