Tuesday, December 5, 2023

28th edition of the International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK),2023- Competition Section


Presenting the official festival design of 28th International Film Festival  of Kerala, organised by @chalachitraacademy 08 - 15 Dec 2023… | Instagram


International Competition

Family / Family

2023 Malayalam
Directors: Don Palathara
Director's bio
Don Palathara is a film director, screenwriter, and documentary filmmaker from Kerala, India. Known for working on small budgets, his films are expositions of local Kerala culture and studies on the human nature. Palathara's films have gained accolades at several international film festivals, including Moscow International Film Festival, International Film Festival Rotterdam and International Film Festival of Kerala. Filmography: Shavam (2014) Vith (2017) 1956 Madhyathiruvithamkoor (2019) Everything Is Cinema (2021) Santhoshathinte Onnam Rahasyam(2021) Family (2023)
Sony, a Catholic man in his late twenties from rural central Kerala, comes across as a do-gooder and a well-wisher at first glance. However, lurking behind his public persona is a different character. Even as some of his family members become aware of his deeds, they are silenced by the system, which mindfully and actively protects men, their delinquencies, and their secrets. The family thus becomes a sturdy closet, where skeletons of the past are kept unknown and unseen by the world outside.
Details of Cast
Nilja K Baby (Leading Actress - Neethu), Vinay Forrt (Leading Actor - Sony), Divya Prabha (Leading Actress - Rani), Abhija Shivakala (Supporting Actress - Jaya)
Details of Crew
Jaleel Badusha (Cinematographer/DP), Adarsh Joseph (Sound Recordist), Basil CJ (Music)
Producer Details
Newton Cinema
Writer Details
Sherin Catherine, Don Palathara


 Courtesy: iffk website.

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