Sunday, January 17, 2021

51 st International Film Festival of India 2021 -Films included in World Cinema.

Films  selected in the world panorama section:

  1. Only human by Igor Ivanov (Macedonia)
  2. The Lawyer by Romas Zabarauskar (Lithuania) 
  3. Rupsa Nodir Banke by Tanvir Mokammel (Bangladesh)
  4. Buiten Is Het Feest by Jelle Nesna ( Netherlands) 
  5. 3 PUFF by Saman Salour (Andorra)
  6. The Atlantic City Story by Henry Butash (USA)
  7. Gesture by Pouya Parsamagham (Iran)
  8. Zhanym, Ty Ne Poverish by Ernar Nurgaliev (Kazakhstan)
  9. Running Against The Wind by Jan Philipp Weyl (Germany, Ethiopia)
  10. Spring Blossom by Suzanne Lindon (France)
  11. The Audition by Ina Weisse (Germany)
  12. Moral Order by Mario Barroso (Portugal)
  13. Unidentified by Bogdan George Apetri (Romania)
  14. The First Death of Joana by Cristiane Oliveira (Brazil)
  15. The trouble with Nature by Illum Jacobi (Denmark, France)
  16. The Castle by Lina LužYtė (Lithuania, Ireland)
  17. Maternal by Maura Delpero (Italy)
  18. A Fish swimming upside down by Erliza Pëtkova (Germany)
  19. Fauna by Nicolás Pereda (Spanish)
  20. SUK SUK by Ray Yeung (Hong Kong) 
  21. Long time no see by Pierre Filmon (France)
  22. Summer Rebels by Martina Sakova (Slovakia)
  23. In The Dusk by Šarūnas Bartas (Lithuania)
  24. A Common Crime by Francisco Márquez (Argentina)
  25. Lola by Laurent Micheli (Belguim, France)
  26. The Voiceless by Pascal Rabaté (France)
  27. The taste of Pho by Mariko Bobrik (Poland, Germany)
  28. Stardust by Gabriel Range (UK)
  29. Funny Face by Tim Sutton (USA)
  30. Naked Animals by Melanie Waelde (Germany)
  31. Las Niñas by Pilar Palomero (Spain)
  32. Kala Azar by Janis Rafa (Netherlands, Greece)
  33. История Одной Картины (The Story Of A Painting)by Ruslan Magomadov (Russia)
  34. Paradies by Immanuel Esser (Germany)
  35. Borderline by Anna Alfieri (UK)
  36. A Simple man by Tassos Gerakinis (Greece)
  37. 180°Rule by Farnoosh Samadi (Iran)
  38. Here We Are by Nir Bergman (Israel, Italy)
  39. The Border by Davide David Carrera (Colombia)
  40. End Of Season by ElmarImanov (Azerbaijan, Germany, Georgia)
  41. This Is My Desire by Arie Esiri, Chuko Esiri (Nigeria, USA)
  42. Karnawal by Juan Pablo Felix (Argentina)
  43. Parents by Eric Bergkraut, Ruth Schweikert (Switzerland)
  44. The Voice by OgnjenSviličić (Croatia)
  45. Spiral…Fear Is Everywhere by Kurtis David Harder (Canada)
  46. Isaac by Angeles Hernandez & David Matamoros (Spain)
  47. Farewell Amour by Ekwa Msangi (US)
  48. The Man Who Sold His Skin by Kaouther Ben Hania (Tunisia, France)
  49. Roland Rabers Cabaret of Death by Roland Reber (Germany)
  50. Children of the sun by Prasanna Vithanage (Sri Lanka)


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