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11th International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala(IDSFFK) Jury

International Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala

11th International  Documentary and Short Film Festival of Kerala(IDSFFK) Jury finalised.


KAVITHA LANKESHFilmmaker, Screenwriter and Lyricist


Kavitha Lankesh is a filmmaker, screenwriter and lyricist known for her work in the Kannada film industry. She is the daughter of P Lankesh, the founder of the tabloid Lankesh Patrike and sister of Gauri Lankesh, who was shot dead by religious fanatics. Her depiction of the life and thoughts of a young slum boy in her debut feature Deveeri based on the short story Akka by P Lankesh, went on to win international, national and state awards and is considered one of her finest films. She has directed and produced more than fifty documentary/ informational films and over forty corporate films, many of them have won several accolades at different festivals as well. Other popular films of her are Bimba, Preethi Prema Pranaya, Avva and Karya Kan Bitta. She has served as jury for festivals such as International Film Festival of India, Kerala State Film Awards and the Jagran Film Festival.


Amir Masoud SoheiliIranian short filmmaker


Amir Masoud Soheili is an international award winning Iranian short filmmaker who is the Creative Director of Asia Peace Film Festival. He studied cinema at the Seni Institute in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He also attended the Asian Film Academy courses in Busan, South Korea. He has been working in the film field as an assistant director for more than a decade. This is the deed Mr Doctor,Pari and Loved her like a sister are some acclaimed movies which was scripted by him. He curated films for for two years and made his first short film The car blew the horn just for the womenwhich won various awards.His second short film Blue eyed boy was officially selected in more than 130 international film festivals and has won 18 international awards. His last film Heaven of children was selected in more than 10 international film festivals and won the special mention at Inaugural ReelOzind Short Film Festival in Australia and Indonesia. He was the youngest member of the SAARC film festival jury, 2017.


Mahesh NarayananFilmmaker, Editor and Screenwriter


Mahesh Narayanan is a popular Indian filmmaker, editor and screenwriter from Kerala. After completing his graduation from the Adayar Film and Television Institute in Tamil Nadu, Mahesh started working as an advert editor. He subsequently progressed to editing documentaries, short films and entered the film industry with Rathimazha, a Malayalam film which won five Kerala State Awards. Despite the early success in the Malayalam film industry, Mahesh ventured into the Tamil, Telugu and Hindi film industries and found success there as well. A few of his most popular films as an editor include BeautifulTrafficKanyaka TalkiesViswaroopam and Ennum Ninte Moideen. After establishing himself as an accomplished editor, Mahesh ventured into writing and made his debut as a screenwriter with Mili, a Malayalam film which opened to positive reviews. The editor turned writer made his debut as a film director with the much-acclaimed filmTakeOff, which has been doing the international festival circuit quite successfully.



Raed AndoniPalestinian filmmaker and Producer


Raed Andoni is a Palestinian filmmaker who started working in cinema 15 years ago, as an independent producer and co-founder of the leading Palestinian production company, Dar Films. He has produced and secured international distribution for a number of award-winning documentaries by Ra’anan Alexandrowicz, Rashid Masharawi and Nizar Hassan amongst others. He is also the artistic producer of the collective documentary FamilyAlbums (2012). His first documentary Improvisation (2005), produced in association with ARTE was a great success at festivals. Andoni’s first feature Fix Me (2009) premiered in Sundance and Cannes before its release in European theatres. His latest documentary Ghost Hunting won the Best Documentary at the Berlin Film Festival. Palestinian men recreate the circumstances of their incarceration and torture by the Israeli occupiers in this film. Himself a prisoner at the age of 18, Raed intended the film to shine a spotlight on the Palestinian soul.


Paromita VohraFilmmaker and Screenwriter


Paromita Vohra is a filmmaker and screenwriter based in Mumbai. Her documentary films usually focus on themes like feminism, desire, urban life and popular culture. She is the director of documentaries like Partners in Crime,UnlimitedGirlsQ2PWhere’s SandraCosmopolis: Two Tales of A City,Work In ProgressMorality TVand the Loving Jehad: A Thrilling TaleA Woman’s Place and Annapurna as well as the TV series Connected Hum Tum. She wrote the screenplay for the award-winning film Khamosh Pani. In 2013, Time Out listed her as one of ten people who have changed the way we look at film in India. She is also a popular newspaper columnist. She is the founder of Agents of Ishq, a first of its kind multi-media digital project which seeks to create a new, inclusive conversation around love, sex and desire for young people in India.


Amudhan R PDocumentary Filmmaker, Curator and Activist


Amudhan R P is a documentary filmmaker, curator and activist from Madurai, Tamil Nadu. After learning documentary filmmaking at Centre for Development of Instructional Technology in New Delhi he moved back to Madurai, where he started a media activism group together with the local youth, Marupakkam, in 1997.Marupakkam as a collective is involved with making documentaries, organising regular screenings, film festivals and media workshops in and around Madurai. Amudhan has been making documentaries since 1997 and is known to make films with strong political dimensions. His most prominent films include ShitNotes from the CrematoriumSeruppu – a trilogy on caste, Radiation Stories – a trilogy on nuclear issues, and Dollar City. His film Shit won the best film award at the One Billion Eyes film festival in 2005 and the National Jury Award at the MIFF 2006. He founded the Madurai International Documentary and Short Film Festival in 1998. He recently organised the Social Justice Film Festival, Chennai which consisted of a meticulously curated collection of 16 documentaries covering various experiences of the many marginalise communities.

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