Sunday, May 20, 2018

FIPRESCI -The International Critics' Prize Cannes Film Festival 2018-Buh-Ning (Burning) by Lee Chang-Dong,Girl by Lukas DhontEgy nap (One Day) by Zsófia Szilàgyi won awards,

The International Critics' Prize 
71 st Cannes Film Festival 2018

The jury of the International Federation of Film Critics, FIPRESCI, has awarded the International Critics' Prize to the following films presented at the 71tst Cannes Film Festival:

In the Official Selection:

Buh-Ning (Burning) by Lee Chang-Dong
A visually stunning film and an emotionally complex comment on contemporary society.

Un Certain Regard:
Girl by Lukas Dhont 
For its bold integrity in tackling gender issues and displaying incredible poise – from a first-time director who describes the delicate and touching rapport in a father-son relationship wonderfully portrayed by the two actors.

To a first or second film in the parallel sections, Directors' Fortnight or La Semaine de la Critique:

Egy nap (One Day) by Zsófia Szilàgyi 
(presented in La Semaine de la Critique)
The precise camera work and the powerful mise-en-scène convey the extraordinary intensity and tension of an utterly ordinary situation with feeling, humor and drama. A remarkably confident debut.

The members of the FIPRESCI jury in Cannes 2018 are:
Michel Ciment, France – Jury president
Neusa Barbosa, Brazil
Pamela Biénzobas, Chile
Joost Broeren, The Netherlands
Rita Di Santo, UK
Houda Ibrahim, France
Elli Mastorou, Belgium
Richard Mowe, UK
Jenni Zylka, Germany

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