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22nd International Film Festival of India-Aravindan Memorial Lecture by actor Aparna Sen

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Aravindan ,was a multi- versatile creative thinker who worked as Director, Screen writer, Musician and Cartoonist. His films Utharayanam.Thampu,Kummatty ,Esthappan,Pokkuveyil,Chidambaram,Oridathu,Marattam,
Vasthuhara are still remembered for their creative exuberance. Aravindan Memorial Lecture is an annual programme conducted by the Kerala State Chalachitra Academy ,in the premises of IFFK in honour of the legendary filmmaker. This year's Aravindan Memorial lecture is set to be delivered by Aparna Sen. Aparna Sen is a renowned name in Bengali as well as Indian cinema. She has excelled both as an actor in film and theatre and as a director of parallel cinema.Aparna was born in 1945 in Kolkata. Her father, Chidananda Das Gupta, was a film critic ,film maker and close friend of Satyajit Ray.THhey were the pioneers of film society movement in India. . Her first film appearance was in Satyajit Ray's Teen Kanya (1961) when she was sixteen. Since then, Aparna has acted in many films in lead roles.In 1981, Aparna made her debut as a film director with 36 Chowringhee Lane (1981) which won national and international awards. Since then, Aparna has directed series of films on a wide variety of subjects. Most of her films have been well acclaimed nationally and internationally. Aparna moved to Mumbai and continues to make films in Hindi and English.Aparna acted in little theatre groups and commercial theatres for a period of time. She was also editor of a popular Bengali magazine (Sananda) for long time.
 Govt of India bestowed  Padmashri title on Aravindan.    
·  He won:
·         1974: Award for the Best Feature Film on the 25th Anniversary of India's Independence – Uttarayanam
·         1974: Best Feature Film in Malayalam – Uttarayanam
·         1978: Best Direction – Kanchana Sita
·         1979: Best Direction – Thampu
·         1986: Best Film – Chidambaram
·         1987: Best Direction – Oridathu
·         1991: Best Feature Film in Malayalam – Vasthuhara
·         1974: Best Film – Uttarayanam
·         1974: Best Director – Uttarayanam
·         1974: Best Screenplay – Uttarayanam
·         1978: Second Best Film – Thampu
·         1978: Best Director – Thampu
·         1979: Best Film – Esthappan
·         1979: Best Children's Film – Kummatty
·         1979: Best Director – Esthappan
·         1981: Best Director – Pokkuveyil
·         1985: Best Film – Chidambaram
·         1985: Best Director – Chidambaram
·         1985: Best Documentary – The Brown Landscape
·         1986: Best Film – Oridathu
·         1986: Best Director – Oridathu
·         1986: Best Documentary – The Catch
·         1988: Best Music Director – Ore Thooval Pakshikal
·         1990: Best Film – Vasthuhara
·         1990: Best Director – Vasthuhara

Chidambaram film aravindan എന്നതിനുള്ള ചിത്രം 

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