Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Geetu Mohandas won Sundance Institute Global Film making Award



Geetu Mohandas 

won Sundance Institute Global Film making Award

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    The winning directors and projects of the 2016 Sundance Institute Global Filmmaking Awards in recognition and support of emerging independent filmmakers from around the world, are:
    August (Cuba) / Writer-Director: Armando Capo
    In August 1994, Carlos comes of age during the Cuban Raft Exodus. He loses his first love, his friends leave the country, he discovers sex, and for the first time feels afraid about his future.


    Insha’ Allah (India) / Writer-Director: Geetu Mohandas
    11 year old Mullakoya, tired of living in the shadow of the colorful, magical-realist folklore that surrounds his missing older brother, sets off on a treacherous journey from the Lakshadweep Islands in the Arabian Sea to the Indian mainland to search for him.
    Sicilian Ghost Story (Italy) / Writer-Directors: Antonio Piazza, Fabio Grassadonia
    When a local Mafia don’s son is kidnapped, a young Sicilian girl refuses to accept the sudden disappearance of the boy she loves. Based on real life events at the height of the Mafia’s reign in Palermo, Sicilian Ghost Story is a striking and unique look at the power that love has to survive in the darkest of worlds.
    The Treasure (Morocco) / Writer-Director: Abdellah Taia
    Janine, a French woman born in Morocco, accompanied by her building manager, Mohamed, set out on an adventure in search of a hidden treasure in the mountains of Atlas. The journey into her past becomes an exploration of post-colonial identity in Morocco.

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