Thursday, December 4, 2014

19th IFFK- International Competition -Films competing for Golden Pheasant Crow and other coveted awards.

Following fourteen films from across the world compete for the Golden Crow Pheasant Award.

The Bright Day / Rooz-e Roshan

Iran / Colour / 86 min / Persian / 2013
Direction: Hossein Shahabi

Roshan a teacher in a kindergarten intends to save the life of the father of one of her students, who is accused of unintentional homicide. There were seven witnesses, who had seen the incident, but no one intends to tell the whole truth because of the slain person’s family power and influence. If the witnesses don’t tell the truth, the accused will be facing retaliation and death penalty under the law.

A Girl at My Door / Dohee Ya

South Korea/ Colour / 119 / |Korean / 2014
Direction: July Jung

Little girl, Do-hee is pushed to the end of her life, chief police Yeong-nam tries to protect her and so does her step father, Yong-ha. Yeong-nam experiences a case that turns her whole world apart by meeting Do-hee.. 

The Man of the Crowd / O Homem Das Multidoes

Brazil / Colour / 95 min / Portuguese / 2013
Direction: Cao Guimaraes & Marcelo Gomes

Juvenal drives a tram in Belo Horizonte, one of Brazil’s main cities. This reticent man spends his spare time in his apartment, equipped with the bare necessities. Whenever he is thirsty, he drinks water from the one and only glass he possesses. His colleague Margo asks him to be a witness at her wedding, but this means that some sort of friendly relationship should exist between these two lonely people and this takes time.

The Narrow Frame of Midnight

Morocco-UK-France-Qatar / Colour / 93 min / Arabic-French / 2014
Direction: Tala Hadid

The film offers a psychological reflection on three characters who intersect in Morocco and who flow through violent tension points in the Arab world. A glum writer, an arty ex-pat and a freedom-loving child are unconvincingly mixed together in the psychologically tuned feature debut.

Oblivion Season / Fasle Faramoushi-e Fariba

Iran / Colour / 92 min / Persian / 2014
Direction: Abbas Rafei

An ex-prostitute starts a new life after marrying her loved one but leaving the shadow of her dark past is not as easy as it seemed. Now she is the prisoner of her loved one and to earn her freedom she should fight with the masculine society. 

One for the Road / En el Ultimo Trago

Mexico / Colour / 91’ / Spanish / 2014
Direction:Jack Zagha Kababie

Three eighty-year-old men embark on a road trip in order to fulfill the dying wish of a lifelong friend. In spite of the disapproval of their families and the limitations of their advanced age, they find themselves involved in a series of comical misadventures and meet a number of colourful characters. Their journey alters their sense of self and their place in the world. There is, indeed, life after 80!


Argentina-France / Colour / 90 min / Spanish / 2014
Direction: Diego Lerman

Seven-year-old Matias returns home from a friend’s birthday party to find his mother, Laura, unconscious on the floor. When she recovers her senses, they decide to leave home and rush to a shelter for abused women where they spend 48 hours before Laura decides to rebuild her life somewhere else. Through the eyes of Matias we discover their escape in a city where everything Matias once knew feels dangerous and foreign until Laura finds a secure place to raise her son. 

Summer, Kyoto / Kyoto, Natsu

Japan / Colour / 88 min / Japanese / 2013
Direction: Hiroshi Toda

Mr. and Mrs. Nakamura make a living by making scented bags. One night, when the husband takes a walk alone, he finds an old man lying helpless on the street. Being kind in nature, he takes the old man to his house, and offers him food and a night’s lodging. Next day, the old man, getting back on his feet again, offers his help to show his thanks. The good-natured husband asks him to deliver their products to their customer. The old man leaves and does not return, just as his wife expected. And now the old man walks along the shore for some reason.

They are the Dogs / C'est eux les Chiens..

Moroccol / Colour / 85 min/ 2013
Direction: Hisham Lasri

An old man who was taken away in 1981 during a massive demonstration asking for reforms and change in the kingdom. He has been released in 2011, 30 years later, and has to come to terms with the new reality of things, the evolution of society and technology.

The Ant Story / Piprabidya

Bangladesh / Colour / 95 min / Bengali / 2013
Direction: Mostofa Sarwar Farooki

Dazzling city of Dhaka which is like a big pie. Everybody wants to have a piece of that pie. Young graduate Mithu feels he is not properly equipped to win his share. In a consumerist society, what matters is reaching the destination. So Mithu starts to equip himself in an unusual and unethical fashion to meet his goals.


India / Colour / 97 min / Kannada / 2013
Direction: P.Sheshadri

The Chief Minister’s official visit is a great event, particularly to the poor family specially selected to host his dinner and overnight stay in its humble abode. The extra attention bestowed on the family, in preparation for this visit, gives the family the feeling of a higher status and a brighter future. They look forward to the event with all the zeal and enthusiasm.




India / Colour / 99 mins / Hindi-Odia / 2013
Direction: Devashish Makhija

A small adivasi (tribal) hamlet in south Orissa, a region fast being torn to shreds with civil strife. Eight-year-old Oonga missed his village school trip to the faraway big city Lohabad to see a play called Ramayan. Unable to handle the pressure of being the only kid around who has not seen the fantastic warrior-king Rama, Oonga runs away. He goes on a perilous journey. When he emerges from the play, he believes he has become Rama! But he is now returning not to the warm confines of his little village, but to a battlefield where the 'company' will do anything to take away the adivasi land.

Unto the Dusk / Asthamayam Vare

India / Colour / 106 min / 2014
Direction: Sajin Baabu

A young choir singer is dead. The mysterious death points to her co singers and then to her parents. Parental compulsion earlier forces the protagonist — one of the two suspects — to the seminary, where while in pursuit of the path of St. Francis of Assisi, the anxiety, challenges, conflicts and the torment that accompany the process of growing up into an adult, transforms him into a vengeful man. He leaves the seminary and starts on a journey of self discovery, most often into the deep jungles. Spirituality, retribution and unexpected encounters with nature form the philosophical backdrop of the film.


India / Colour / 104 min /2013
Direction: Sidhartha Siva

Little Pratheesh has been seeing a classmate, Ashalatha, for years but cannot confess his affection due to his shyness.One day he hears news that she was raped and murdered. He breaks down from shock and is unable to sleep alonein the darkness. He drops out of school to stay at home. With help from his elder brother, he manages to get a job at a textile shop where he finds a mannequin and believes it is Ashalatha resurrected. He now has to be brave enough to protect her from this dangerous world.

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