Friday, February 28, 2014


Institute for Monitoring Economic Growth (I.M.E.G) - has announced the opinion poll results, conducted from 9-25  February 2014 in connection with the ensuing 16th Lok Sabha elections 2014 , in a press conference held in the Press Club, Trivandrum today. This is the 6th edition of the election study conducted by the Psephology division of the Institute.
Shri.A.Meera Sahib, Director of the Institute released the report in the presence Prof.M.M.Safarulla  Khan , Vice Chairman  Shri.A.M.Joseph, Registrar, Shri.T.P.Mukundan, Secretary  and Prof J.Jaya Kumar (Senior Faculty) .Survey results reveal that Left Democratic Front (LDF) may get 10-14 seats from Kerala and the United  Democratic Front (UDF) may get 6-10 seats and the Bharathiya Janatha Party (BJP)  and the Aam Aadmi Party have very little chance to open an account in the Kerala, even though  B.J.P may improve their position. The survey was conducted in   the Assembly segments covering all the Parliamentary constituencies of Kerala. The survey results  were estimated based on two surveys- Swing survey, and Opinion poll. The Opinion poll has been conducted using secret ballots in the selected wards and electors selected randomly. Anti-incumbency factors were also collected along with the first survey viz Swing Survey . Altogether 33309 voters responded in two surveys. The results have
been pooled and published. After giving due  weightage  and considering other factors reported by the survey teams the results have been calculated. The sampling error of this survey is 2.05 percent. The main anti –incumbency factors enlisted by the voters are mainly corruption  related issues viz  the wide spread activities of  land mafia, the unauthorized correction in thanda per and survey numbers benefitting the land mafia , shortage of cooking gas and difficulties with regard to Aadhaar linked subsidy withdrawal from banks,inflation  and resulted general price increase for essential commodities, increase in petroleum products like diesel, petrol and cooking gas, new culture of erecting  flex board  in junctions and way sides for silly matters, arrears in NREGP , the mayhem created by Kasthoori Rangan Report ,not replacing the old coaches attached with Kerala origin trains and negligence of Railway Ministry towards Kerala, police injustice ,the sale of rice and other essential commodities  earmarked for ration card holders in Kerala to laborers  of other states in black market, the  interferences of personal staff of Ministers in administrative matters etc etc .


Common said...

after publishing the list of LDF candidate it will go up. Actually UDF will be in crisis

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