Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sixteen films compete for the Kutxa-New Directors Award in 61ST edition of San Sebastian International Film Festival 2013 which will run from 20-28 September 2013

The selection of films that will compete for the Kutxa-New Directors Award has been released. Sixteen first or second movies directed by emerging talents, a new generation of filmmakers from all around the world: United States of America, Israel, France, Turkey, Lithuania, Costa Rica, Greece, Mexico, China, Iceland, Ukraine, Holland and Belgium. As previously announced, one of the films is a Spanish production, and two are co-productions with our country.
All films selected will compete for the Kutxa-New Directors Award, granted by an international specific jury carrying €€50,000.
El árbol magnético (The magnetic tree)
Isabel Ayguavives (Spain-Chile)
A young boy's return to the country of his birth, Chile, after a long absence. The house in the country where he lived with his family is up for sale and they all gather to bid the place farewell. Their visit to the "magnetic tree", a local curiosity with strange properties, will awaken almost forgotten feelings and affections in the boy. 
CI YAN DE YANG GUANG (The Blinding Sunlight)
Yu Liu (China)
The real life of a low-income family living in the southern part of Beijing, which mainly lives on social benefits 
Câinele Japonez / Japanese Dog (Japanese Dog)
Tudor Cristian Jurgiu (Romania)
What does it take to change a solitary life? After twenty years, an old man, widowed by the recent floods, and his son, who has been living in Japan, see each other again for the first time. Their expectations run high and during this brief reencounter, both try to overcome the distance that has grown between them.
 La Dune (The Dune)
Yossi Aviram (France-Israel)
Through the course of several accidents and chance encounters, Hanoch and Ruben will meet and each of them will have to face a page of his personal history, a page that they both need to turn for good.
Aarón Fernández (Mexico-France-Spain)
The second film from Aarón Fernández is a Spain-Mexico-France co-production already screened as part of Films in Progress at the 60th edition of the Festival. Sebastián, 17, manages his uncle’s cosy rent-by-the-hour motel on the coast of Veracruz. Miranda, 35, occasionally meets her lover in the Motel, but he often arrives late. During that spare time, Sebastián and Miranda will become closer and closer.

Hross í oss / Of Horses and Men (Of Horses and Men)
Benedikt Erlingsson (Iceland-Germany)
A country romance about the human streak in the horse and the horse in the human. Love and death become interlaced with immense consequences. The fortunes of the people in the countryside through the horses' perception.
Levaya Bazaharaim / Funeral at Noon (Funeral at Noon)
Adam Sanderson (Israel)
In a small village, Hagar Erlich is somewhat of an alien, unable to find her place in the town community and in her own life as a newlywed. In the ruins of an enchanted, abandoned village she will find her secret hideaway.
Losejas / The Gambler (The Gambler)
Paramedic Vincentas is a passionate gambler, who is forced to make radical decisions to return the debts. An idea strikes Vincentas to create an illegal game related to his profession. Love, life and death will be at stake.
Luton (LUTON)
Jimmy, Mary and Makis are three people living their everyday day life in an entirely different manner. They seem to have nothing in common and normally they shouldn’t even know each other…

Mother of George (Mother of George)
Andrew Dosunmu (USA)
Adenike and Ayodele are a Nigerian couple living in Brooklyn. Following the celebration of their wedding, complications arise out of their inability to conceive a child. Adenike has to make a decision that could either save her family or destroy it.
A black comedy about Chalo, a lone security guard who acquires his first gamecock and discovers the bittersweet taste of friendship.

Puppy Love (Puppy Love)
Delphine Lehericey (Belgium-Sweden-France-Luxembourg)
Diane is a mysterious 14-year-old girl. She is always busy looking after her younger brother, Marc, and has an intense relationship with her father, Christian. The appearance in her neighbourhood of Julia, a charming young English girl, sends Diana's life into a spin.
El rayo (El Rayo (Hassan´s Way))
Fran Araújo, Ernesto de Nova Roldán (Spain-Portugal)
The odyssey of Hassan, a Moroccan immigrant who can no longer find work in Spain after thirteen years in the country and decides to go home. He puts all his savings into a second-hand tractor to secure a living in Morocco and sets out to drive it back. When he came to Spain he had nothing, now he's returning with his only belonging: el Rayo.
Wolf (Wolf)
Jim Taihuttu (Holland)
Majid is a talented kickboxer from a grim suburb in The Netherlands. After a stint in prison, gym owner Ben takes him under his wing, but when criminal boss Hakan shows interest in his skills, Majid begins to lose sight of what it is he really wants
Yozgat Blues (Yozgat Blues)
Sabri, a barber in Yozgat - a very small city in the middle of Anatolia - has an emotional breakdown when he runs into Yavuz and Neşe, who come to the town to sing in a small music hall-bar. This will also affect Neşe and Yavuz. None of their desires will be how they want them to be. 

Zelena Kofta / The Green Jacket (The Green Jacket)
Volodymyr Tykhyy (Ukraine)
In the suburbs of the city a 7-years old boy disappears. After months of fruitless searches the boy's older sister decides to take the deal over. She is confident that she knows who kidnapped her brother. Is this enough to justify a terrible revenge

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