Tuesday, November 30, 2010

“Reluctant Fundamentalist”- Mira Nair’s next film

Renowned Indo-American Film maker Mira Nair spoke on the need to enhance content, message and value in screenplay writing besides production standards to usher India into an era of world class film making at a press conference at IFFI 2010. She said that India has got tremendous talent in all areas of film making which needs to be supplemented with more impetus on providing thought provoking stories, subjects and themes. Retrospective of her showcases 16 films at festival. She added that script forms the real foundation of the film. Underlining the importance of rigor and rhythm in making of films which makes viewers’ heart beat not only in the country but throughout the world she said that experiencing day to day life in India and abroad provides her an opportunity and creates a vision to work on films with universal appeal . She said that problems and issues concerning under privileged people at the grassroots would always be the priorities in her films one way or the other.Eminent writer Sooni Taraporevala, actor Nana Patekar, Shafiq Syed and Dinaz Stafford were also present on the occasion.In reply to a question Mira Nair informed that her upcoming film is “Reluctant Fundamentalist” based on Pakistani writer Mohsin Hamid’s story would help her put forth her viewpoint in respect of issues like Islamophobia in the Western world especially in the South Asian perspective. She said that she looks forward to the participation of several Pakistani actors in this film project.

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