Sunday, November 22, 2009

"Wheat " opening film in IFFI 2009

Wheat directed by He Ping will be the opening film in the International Film Festival of India to be commenced on 23 rd November at Goa .The Chinese title Mai tian ,when literally translated "Wheat field" is a Chinese historical drama directed by He Ping. Starring Fan Bingbing, Wang Jue, and others, Wheat tells the story of women left behind after their husbands are sent to war. The film is set in the chaotic Warring States period, a brutal, 250-year slugfest that finally resulted in China's unification under the Qin in 221 B.C. Main story takes place over a short period during the summer of 260 B.C., following the Battle of Changping, one of the biggest slaughterhouses in history, in which Qin forces killed almost half a million Zhao troops.
The film was produced for US $6 million and was funded by He's own Beijing Classic Culture, along with Polybona Films, and the state-backed Xi'an Film Studio. Filmed in 2008, Wheat premiered on June 13, 2009, as the opening film in the 2009 Shanghai International Film Festival..

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