Friday, October 23, 2009

Indian Panorama (IFFI - 2009) list stayed

The High Court of Kerala forbidden the Information and Broadcasting Ministry of Govt of India and the Directorate of Film Festivals from publishing the list of films selected for the Indian Panorama section of the IFFI 2009- International Film Festival of India, 2009- to be held in Panaji ,Goa from 23rd November this year. The order came on a writ petition filed by Renjith, film producer and director. According to him, though the Directorate had not announced the selections made by the jury, the names of the films had been posted on a website run by Gauthaman Bhaskaran ,one of the jury members.
On hearing the news appeared in the website ,the producers and directors in the Malayalam film industry opine that the selection of films to the Indian Panorama category was arbitrary and biased and most of the films entered from Malayalam were of outstanding quality with aesthetic appeal. They pointed out that the film Pazhasi Raja depicting the life of a Patriot King excels with any other film chosen for the Panorama. Films like Rithu ,Thalappavu ,Bhoomimalayalam,Soofiparanja katha, Keralacafe and Ramanam were far better than the films “selected”, they said. They have the strong feeling that the Malayalam films had been sidelined, with only one being chosen, the other one being the nomination of trade body . The petitioner sought a direction to the Union Government to conduct a detailed inquiry into the process of selection of films and take action, including making a fresh selection. The Court ordered that the interim stay order would be in force until the writ petition is disposed of.

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