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From June 27 to July 5, 2009

The BRUSSELS FILM FESTIVAL is a casual and welcoming event at the beginning of the summer. The distinctive feature of the festival is the exclusive promotion of European directors' debute films (1st or 2nd feature film).
Official Competition
The Official Competition is a selection of 14 films from European directors, only first or second feature films. An international jury will have to choose between those for the GOLDEN IRIS AWARD.
AWAYDAYS, Pat Holden (UK, 2009, 105')
LA CASA SULLE NUVOLE, Claudio Giovannesi (Italy, 2008, 96')
COUNTRY WEDDING, Valdis Oskarsdottir (Iceland, 2008, 95')
DONNE-MOI LA MAIN, Pascal-Alex Vincent (France, 2009, 80')
THE HIGHER FORCE, Olaf de Fleur Johannesson (Iceland, 2008, 80')
IN YOUR VEINS, Beata Garderler (Sweden, 2009, 92')
JOUEUSE, Caroline Bottaro (France, 2009, 101')
KATALIN VARGA, Peter Strickland (Romania, 2009, 82')
MACHAN, Uberto Pasolini (Italy, 2008, 105')
NORTH, Rune Denstadt Langlo (Norway, 2009, 90')
SOMEWHERE BETWEEN HERE AND NOW, Olivier Boonjing (Belgium, 2009, 74')
UNMADE BEDS, Alexis Dos Santos (UK, 2009, 93')
LA VERGUENZA, David Planell (Spain, 2009, 107')
WRONG ROSARY, Mahmut Fazil Coskun (Turkey, 2009, 89')
A selection of European feature films from European directors that will
be released in theatres in the next months.
AMALIA, Carlos Coelho Da Silva (Portugal, 2008, 107')
BANCS PUBLICS (Versailles Rive Droite), Bruno Podalydes (France, 2009, 150')
BERLIN CALLING, Hannes Stöhr (Germany, 2009
CHANGES, Tomas Rehorek (Czech Republic, 2009, 79')
GENOVA, Michael Winterbottom (UK, 2008, 94')
MAMMOTH, Lukas Moodysson (Sweden, 2009, 120')
HOLY MONEY, Maxime Alexandre (Belgium, 2009, 100')
SANS RANCUNE, Yves Hanchar (Belgium, 2009, 104')

Belgian Talents
A selection of Belgian debut films from the last six months.
DIRTY MIND, Pieter Van Hees (Belgium, 2009, 90')
ELEVE LIBRE, Joachim Lafosse (Belgium, 2009, 105')
UNSPOKEN, Fien Troch (Belgium, 2009, 90')
The jury of the festival include:Hannes stoehr , Tomas lemarquis, Taylan Barman , Laura Verlinden, Merce Llorens .

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